Ash Victorious in Title Fight



BILLINGS, MT, OCTOBER 29, 2016 – Hamilton Ash won the 155lb title fight and took home the belt after his bout at Fusion Fight League at Metra Park. His opponent was Joe Miles fighting out of Z’s Gym in Fort Collins, Colorado. The fight was scheduled for five 5-minute rounds. Ash dominated the first three rounds with superior grappling taking Miles down each round, displaying artful Jiu Jitsu. Miles submitted to Ash at the end of the third due to a guillotine choke. Ash’s professional record is now 6-2 after winning his last two fights in a row.

Travis Davison, owner and head coach at Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell commented, “Hamilton doesn’t run from adversity or let setbacks define him. I was concerned that after his defeat in Bellator last spring that he might fall into depression or lose focus. Instead, he used that defeat to motivate and intensify his pursuit of his professional goals. He has won his last two fights in a row and has never looked better. My friend and UFC coach John Kavanagh has a saying, ‘Win or Learn’. Tonight we did both.”

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Above:  Joe Miles (left) and Hamilton Ash (right) at the end of the 155lb title fight.


Ash Earns BJJ Black Belt After Grueling Ironman


BERKELEY, CA, OCTOBER, 9, 2016 – Every Fall, Straight Blast Gym athletes from around the world gather for camp to train in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, and Yoga. In the company of teammates and coaches, new belts are typically awarded in SBG traditional ironman grappling event. After a grueling 3-hour ironman event at SBG Norcal in Berkeley, CA with nearly 100 people, SBG North’s head coach Hamilton Ash received his Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu. Irish teammate and UFC fighter Aisling Daly also received her black belt, as the first Irish female to achieve the rank.

Hamilton Ash reflected, “SBG literally made a man of me. Matt Thornton, my big brother, has given me every belt I’ve ever earned in BJJ, and he has been one of my biggest and most important role models since the age of 17. Travis Davison was my second coach and has been my mentor for these last several years. He has coached me into the successful athlete and coach that I am today. There isn’t much this man hasn’t already done for me and my family. He has helped shape me into a man that I am proud to be. My wife, Rebekka, has supported me for years and always pushed me to follow my dreams even when I felt like giving up. She has been my rock and has helped me become a more kind man and a loving father. To everyone else who has been in my life through this journey I love you all and thank you. I couldn’t ask for more supportive friends. I’m so honored to have been awarded my black belt at SBG NorCal”.

Travis Davison, head coach and owner of Straight Blast Gym in Montana, said, “Hamilton joined SBG as a 17 year old kid who looking for structure and direction. He is now a 26 year old man, father of 2 children, husband, coach and World class competitor. He came to Montana nearly 3 years ago and in that time has endeared himself to his students, coaches and teammates. Congratulations Hamilton we are all very proud of your accomplishment!”


L-R: SBG black belts Allen “Gus” Nolte, Hamilton Ash, Travis Davison and Leah Taylor.

SBG Goes 4-0 at FightForce Bouts


KALISPELL, MT, SEPTEMBER 24, 2016 – Straight Blast Gym Kalispell and SBG North sent 5 fighters to the Kalispell Kombat event at Majestic Valley Arena this past weekend.  The event was hosted by FightForce, a promoter that organizes MMA bouts across Montana.

First up was SBG’s Derrick Moody against Erik McQueen. They spent most of the first round in the clinch where Moody landed lots of knees to the legs and one to the midsection that led to a take down. Once the fight went to the ground Moody made quick work of McQueen and came away with a first round TKO.

Next up was 18 year old new comer Gage Morsette from SBG against Isaiah Burkhalter. Morsette landed a big right hand to start the fight and sent Burkhalter into wrestler mode where the former FHS wrestler was out wrestled. Morsette took Burkhalter’s back and forced him to tap out midway through the first round due to a rear naked choke.

In the co-main event Duran Flaget faced Devante Kyse. They had several exchanges on the feet and Flaget, a former FHS wrestler, landed a couple of takedowns before securing Kyse’ back and locking in the rear naked choke. Flaget’s win was the third 1st round finish for SBG.

The main event pitted SBG’s Hamilton Ash against Michael Kuehne. Ash out wrestled the former FHS wrestler, scoring several take downs over 2 and half rounds of action. In the first round Ash landed a foot sweep, mounted Kuehne and nearly secured a guillotine choke at the end of the first. Ash continued to dominate the clinch in the second and landed several knees up against the fence. The finish came half way through the third and final round. Ash took Kuehne down against the fence and mounted him, Kuehne gave up his back to avoid strikes and Ash put him in a body triangle. Kuehne was forced to tap due to a rear naked choke giving SBG a clean sweep on the night going 4-0.

Travis Davison, owner and head coach at Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell commented,“I am so proud of these guys! My coaches are the best around and our fans couldn’t be more supportive. Sorry Josh’s opponent no showed but I have no doubt we would have been 5-0 had he had the courage to show up. Derrick, Duran, Gage, Josh and Hamilton you guys put in the work and reaped the rewards. Thank you for your loyalty and hard work. It is an honor to be in your corner.”


L-R Kevin Wilmot, Gage Morsette, Sean Saadi, Duran Flaget, Gus Nolte, Hamilton Ash, Travis Davison and Derrick Moody.

18 SBG Competitors Medal at NAGA


EVERETT, WA, SEPTEMBER  10, 2016 –   The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) hosts the country’s oldest and largest Submission grappling and Braziian Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell and SBG North in Whitefish sent 18 athletes to compete in the NAGA Tournament outside of Seattle this past weekend.

Marnic Mann, Rachel Sanders, Michele Johnson, Maddee Michels, Stella Davison, Bella Downing, Keara Weiczorek, and Coach Leah Taylor set a stellar example for ladies competing in jiu jitsu. They earned 10 golds, 4 silvers and 2 bronze medals between them while showing poise and sportsmanship.

The kids and teens of SBG who competed (10 in all) brought home 10 golds, 8 silvers and 2 bronzes along with lessons in grit, patience, overcoming fears, focus and following directions. Ricky Davison, Joe Davison, Colton Weiczorek, Lakoda Weiczorek, Cayden Weiczorek, Kalijah Weiczorek and Gus De Souza along with Maddee, Stella and Bella showed that the future for SBG is bright and in capable hands.

Jake Garratt not only coached but led from the front with a beautiful display of Jiu Jitsu earning silver in both the men’s no gi and gi expert division. Simon Doyle medaled in his weight class and won the championship belt in the purple belt division at a weight class above his own using solid fundamentals and a technical approach. Cody Bessette earned double gold but not before going to the wire in finals, where he managed to remain calm and pull out the last second sweep to earn the win.

Travis Davison, head coach and owner of Straight Blast Gym in Montana, added, “It was an incredible weekend filled with many opportunities for growth and improvement through Jiu Jitsu competition. Two days of driving, one day of coaching and a lifetime of memories. Thank you to all the families and the Gorilla Booster Club for your support”.


Ricky Davison (center) earns double Gold in both of his divisions the NAGA Tournament outside of Seattle this past weekend.

8 Kids From Flathead Valley Compete in Jiu Jitsu World Championship



ONTARIO, CA, AUGUST 20, 2016 – Nearly 800 competitors showed up for the Kids World Championships in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Citizens Business Bank Arena this past weekend. Representing Montana was a group of 8 kids from Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell and Whitefish.  Each competitor earned a medal and in some cases two.  The Gorilla Booster Club, or GBC, a nonprofit that assists competitors with travel expenses, helped send the team and coaches to California.

Head coach and owner of Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell, Travis Davison, said, “What an incredible opportunity for growth and learning for the coaches, athletes and parents of SBG. The sportsmanship displayed in both victory and defeat by our child athletes was admirable. I couldn’t be happier about the effort made by our competitors, the poise and support shown by our parents and the sacrifices made by our coaches. SBG once again made waves on Jiu Jitsu’s biggest stage. None of this would be possible without the support of the GBC and its volunteers and donors.”

Kristin Downing, one of the parents of the competitors, reflects on her trip: “Going to the Worlds Jiu Jitsu Tournament in California was a great experience for both my daughter and myself.  Walking into such a large arena with so many competitors can be a little overwhelming.  Luckily, we have very supportive fellow parents and knowledgeable coaches so the nervousness quickly subsided. Not only did these great coaches take time out of their lives to coach my daughter, they also assisted me with my uneasiness. All in all, we would not have had this opportunity if it weren’t for the help of the GBC”.

Team Results: Name: Medal in Gi and/or Nogi – Division

Joe Davison: 2nd place Gi – Orange Belt/Light Feather

Ricky Davison:  1st place Gi; 1st place Nogi – Orange Belt/Feather

Stella Davison:  2nd place Gi, 2nd place Nogi – Orange Belt/Feather

Isabella Downing: 2nd place in Gi – Grey Belt/Feather

Kalijah Wieczorek: 3rd place in Nogi, 2nd Place in Gi – Grey Belt/Feather

Cayden Wieczorek: 3rd place in Gi, 3rd place in Nogi – Grey Belt/Feather

Colton Wieczorek: 3rd place in Gi; 2nd Place in Nogi – Teen Grey Belt/Light Feather

Lakoda Wieczorek: 2nd place in Gi, 1st place in Nogi – Grey Belt/Light Feather

Picture above:

Back Row (left to right): Kisa Davison, Joe Davison, Ricky Davison, Travis Davison, Colton Wieczorek, Stella Davison, and Anthony Mead.

Front Row (left to right): Kalijah Wieczorek, Cayden Wieczorek, Isabella Downing, and Lakoda Wieczorek.

SBG Team Small But Powerful Performance at Seattle Open


EVERETT, WA, AUGUST 7, 2016 –   Four competitors from Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell competed and medaled at the IBJJF Seattle International Open this past weekend.  Cody Bessette won gold in his weight class.  Aaron Westphal took silver in his weight and bronze in the absolute.  Patrick Brooks won bronze in his very first tournament.  Leah Taylor had one tough match in the absolute division and finished with a silver medal for the day.

Travis Davison, head coach and owner of Straight Blast Gym in Montana, said, “This was an amazing tournament in so many ways. All four of our competitors from SBG Montana won medals.  We also had first time competitors sharing the mats with some of our most experienced. The results were great but the effort was greater and that is what is most important to me. We showed poise on the mat and sportsmanship on the sideline. I am proud of our team and thankful for our supporters”.

Leah Taylor, a coach for SBG and a student under Davison added, “With the support of the Gorilla Booster Club we were able to take a team of four athletes to the Open and met up with our teammates from Portland and Seattle.  All of the Montana team learned a great deal and came home with medals.  There were quite a few world champions on the mat, I would say that the level of competition has definitely increased over the past few years.  I hope that we can continue to bring a team to this tournament as it is becoming one of the biggest in the region.”

Team Results:

Leah Taylor: Women’s black belt division

Gold Heavy weight

Silver Absolute (all weight classes)

Aaron Westphal: Men’s purple belt division

Silver middle heavy

Bronze Absolute

Cody Bessette: Men’s white belt division

Gold middle heavy

Patrick Brooks: Men’s white belt division

Bronze middle weight

SBG Competitor, Cody Bessette (center), earns a gold medal in the White Belt Master 2 Division at the Seattle Open this past weekend.  Jason Pessemeir (left) from Gracie Barra earned silver and Kevin Barrett (Alliance) and Raul Ochoa (Braga Fight Team) tied for bronze medal (right).CBessette


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