BILLINGS, MT, OCTOBER 29, 2016 – Hamilton Ash won the 155lb title fight and took home the belt after his bout at Fusion Fight League at Metra Park. His opponent was Joe Miles fighting out of Z’s Gym in Fort Collins, Colorado. The fight was scheduled for five 5-minute rounds. Ash dominated the first three rounds with superior grappling taking Miles down each round, displaying artful Jiu Jitsu. Miles submitted to Ash at the end of the third due to a guillotine choke. Ash’s professional record is now 6-2 after winning his last two fights in a row.

Travis Davison, owner and head coach at Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell commented, “Hamilton doesn’t run from adversity or let setbacks define him. I was concerned that after his defeat in Bellator last spring that he might fall into depression or lose focus. Instead, he used that defeat to motivate and intensify his pursuit of his professional goals. He has won his last two fights in a row and has never looked better. My friend and UFC coach John Kavanagh has a saying, ‘Win or Learn’. Tonight we did both.”

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Above:  Joe Miles (left) and Hamilton Ash (right) at the end of the 155lb title fight.

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