Taylor Places Third at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship



Hamiton Ash (left), Travis Davison (center) and Leah Taylor (right) celebrate after IBJJF World Championships in Long Beach, California this past weekend.

LONG BEACH, CA, JUNE 5, 2016 – Hamilton Ash and Leah Taylor, athletes who train under Black belt coach, Travis Davison at Straight Blast Gym of Montana, competed in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships this past weekend.  Ash, who competed in the Brown belt lightweight division, won his first match and lost the second. Leah earned Bronze in the Women’s Black belt medium-heavy division after 3 matches totaling 30 minutes.

Taylor said, “I still have a lot to learn!  It was amazing to have a match with a black belt I have watched since I started jiu jitsu. I gained a lot of experience in one day. Thank you to my coaches Travis Davison and Matt Thornton teaching me all I know about BJJ and being in my corner. Thank you to my teammates for helping me train. And thank you to my family and those that supported me from far away”.

Davison added, “It is an honor and privilege to provide assistance for those willing to take risks in life and do the hard work. Hamilton and Leah showed both grit and heart this weekend as they faced the best in the World. They did their best and gave 100% but their opponents were just better this time. We will make adjustments and be back next year to risk it all again!”

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Team Results:

Hamilton won one and lost one in the men’s brown belt light division.

Leah earned Bronze in the women’s black belt medium heavy division and had 3 matches totaling 30 minutes.

SBG Montana Dominates Largest Idaho Grappling Tournament


BOISE, ID, APRIL 23, 2016 – Competitors from four Straight Blast Gym locations and other grappling academies from the Northwest region turned out for Northwest Submission Challenge. The two-day event is the largest tournament in Idaho. Representing Montana was SBG Kalispell and SBG North in Whitefish with a total of 21 competitors of all ages.

There were over 550 competitors and 8 mats of competition in both Gi and No Gi divisions for adults and teens at Capital High School last Saturday.  The following day there was a free Kids Budo Cup held for youth competitors under the ages of 12. Overall, the SBG Montana teams brought home 16 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 3 bronze medals.  Tren Long, the tournament coordinator described SBG’s performance as, “the most dominant presence at the Northwest Submission Challenge ever”, noting that SBG had nearly twice as many points as the second place team.

Travis Davison, head coach and owner of Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell, said, “SBG Elko, SBG Boise and SBG Montana competed and coached side by side for 2 days and shared in the glory. Big thank you to all the coaches, competitors, fans, refs and workers who made this tournament awesome!” 

Northwest Submission Challenge 2016 SBG Montana Results

                                                                       Gi                                No Gi

Chuck Jantzen                                      Bronze                           Absolute

Joe Davison                                            Silver                              Adv Gold

Rick Davison                                           Gold                               Adv Gold

Marnic Mann                                          Gold                                Beg Gold

Julia Seaward                                          Silver                              Beg Silver

Cody Bessette                                          Gold                                Beg Gold

Cole Gorton                                                                                       Beg Gold

Coen Dalton                                             Silver                               Int Silver

Rhoday Dalton                                         Gold                                    Gold

Makenzie Westphal                                Silver

Aaron Westphal                                        Gold                                    Silver

Bella Downing                                           Gold                                     Silver

Hayden Knauer                                          Gold                                     Silver

Kalijah Wieczorek                                    Gold                                      Bronze

Cayden Wieczorek                                   Silver                                      Gold

Lakoda Wieczorek                                    Gold                                        Gold

Gold: 16; Silver: 11; Bronze: 3 
Total: 30 medals


Photo attached: From left to right – Chris Myers (SBG Elko, NV), Travis Davison (SBG Montana), Tren Long (Event Coordinator NW Submission Challenge), Scott Thometz (SBG Boise, ID).

Gorilla Grunt Fun Run Results Now Available!


The Gorilla Booster Club hosted their 3rd Annual Gorilla Grunt Fun Run or Walk this past weekend at Woodland Park in Kalispell.  Over 150 runners came out dressed in their St. Patty’s Day Best for the Family Fun 1-mile Gorilla Chase or the 5K Lucky Loops Adventure Course.  The day included a Costume Contest, Warrior Warm ups with GBC President and Fitness Coach Kisa Davison, Cool Down Yoga with Jennie Williford, CIYT, music by Don Caverly of the New Wave Time Trippers, and a delicious, volunteer-led Bake Sale.  The weather was perfect for the day’s activities and we couldn’t be happier with the turn out.  Thank you to all the runners, sponsors, and volunteers for making it a huge success.  We will see you next year for the 2017 Gorilla Grunt!

Gorilla Grunt pic2

1 Mile Results

Bib Number Last Name First Name Group Total Elapsed Time
137 Davison Joe Kids 07:29.3
53 Wieczorek Colton Adult 07:30.9
128 Barela Olivia Kids 07:36.3
73 Dixon Mason Kids 07:56.4
74 Hobart Reyd Kids 08:15.7
84 Magone Hudson Kids 08:18.4
38 Ernsberger Laremy Kids 08:32.8
126 Dalton Coen Kids 08:35.5
40 Ernsberger Alaric Kids 08:36.5
152 Perkins Rowan Kids 08:47.7
59 Sorensen Avery Kids 08:55.1
34 Pate Dane Kids 09:07.3
36 Ernsberger Scott Adult 09:10.0
151 Perkins Charotte Kids 09:26.4
61 Delmonico Anthony Kids 09:32.2
41 Ernsberger Brennus Kids 09:34.0
37 Ernsberger Jocelyn Adult 09:42.8
58 Parker Jessica Adult 09:45.8
75 Hobart Finn Kids 09:46.8
76 Hobart Sawyer Kids 09:51.3
130 Michael Leah Adult 10:07.7
47 Niece Lucious Kids 10:25.5
48 Niece Lucas Kids 10:27.2
70 Hutchison Kyra Kids 10:45.8
72 Hutchison Trinity Kids 10:47.6
125 Dalton Rhoday Kids 11:06.2
153 Perkins Isla Kids 11:20.3
60 Delmonico Sonya Adult 11:36.0
117 Nagel Dezmind Kids 11:55.6
55 Wieczorek Cayden Kids 11:56.6
54 Wieczorek Lakoda Kids 11:59.8
42 Ernsberger Reagan Kids 12:09.0
121 Bell Adam Kids 12:23.8
71 Hutchison Amanda Kids 12:33.2
46 Niece Lennox Adult 12:34.5
112 Shaver Aiden Kids 12:36.2
119 Nagel Nick Adult 12:39.7
118 Nagel Saylah Kids 12:41.3
65 Nielsen Livia Kids 12:42.3
81 Stebbins-Han Keenan Kids 12:45.0
150 Anderson Bryn Kids 12:48.7
66 Nielsen Anna Kids 12:57.3
57 Wieczorek Keara Kids 12:59.5
78 Stebbins-Han Jen Adult 13:08.9
80 Stebbins-Han Jon Tae Kids 13:12.4
68 Hutchison Doug Adult 13:15.6
69 Hutchison Michelle Adult 13:17.1
122 Brents Charlotte Kids 13:34.0
30 Walter Izzy Kids 13:41.2
31 Walter Jeremy Adult 13:42.5
108 Blair Dathan Kids 14:00.2
64 Nielsen Susan Adult 17:16.5
107 Blair Devon Kids 17:27.3
127 Barela Odessa Kids 17:28.9
139 Bessette Lex Kids 17:50.9
113 Bessette Cody Adult 17:54.6
129 Whaley Carolyn Adult 18:28.2
138 Bessette Nevi Kids 19:52.2
120 Nagel Liz Adult 19:59.4
116 Nagel Draimond Kids 20:01.2
154 Pancoost Dixie Adult 20:02.8
50 Riggles Mike Adult 20:05.7
51 Riggles Kate Adult 20:08.3
33 Saunders Levi Kids 22:26.9
44 Niece John Adult 22:38.6
45 Niece Kira Adult 22:40.7
39 Ernsberger Abigail Kids DNS
49 Niece Liam Kids DNS
56 Wieczorek Kalijah Kids DNS
62 Johnson Jen Adult DNS
63 Scrader Prisilla Kids DNS
67 Nielsen Solveig Kids DNS
77 Hobart Jenna Adult DNS
79 Stebbins-Han Ella Kids DNS
106 Blair Dawson Kids DNS
114 Bessette Mya Adult DNS
115 Hobart Jeff Adult DNS
131 Johnson Kailee Adult DNS
146 Heller Chloe Kids DNS
147 Heller Cooper Kids DNS
148 Hall Krista Adult DNS
155 Ash Amara Kids DNS


Men’s 5K Results


Bib Number Last Name First Name Group Total Elapsed Time
145 Griepp Kaleb Men 21:01.0
136 Davison Ricky Men 23:12.8
16 Asay Ryan Men 23:17.5
132 Vardell Eric Men 24:53.6
159 Lee Sam Men 25:44.9
149 Heller Matthew Men 28:33.6
17 Davis Jesse Men 28:43.9
111 Shaver Adam Men 30:06.2
22 Sampson Gene Men 30:16.7
35 Saunders Pete Men 30:22.6
23 Downing Paul Men 30:24.9
110 Harrison Jay Men 30:39.5
109 Harrison Scott Men 31:05.6
97 Baker James Men 36:07.0
101 Isles Jayce Men 39:02.2
98 Isles Jeremy Men 39:02.9
100 Isles Jordan Men 42:52.9
87 Reddish Gabe Men 44:57.0
156 Degroot Duncan Men 49:15.5
157 Degroot Jake Men 49:17.1
91 Gordon Shawn Men 50:38.4
94 Gordon Gabriel Men 50:41.6
95 Gordon Ashton Men 50:44.6
88 Reddish Jacob Men 53:19.0
86 Reddish Ben Men 53:20.5
90 Gordon Larry Men 57:38.3
25 Downing Tanner Men DNS
52 Riggles Taylor Men DNS
102 Isles JR Men DNS
124 Davison Ted Men DNS
141 Michel Alex Men DNS


Women’s 5K Results

133 Vardell Josephine Women 21:39.9
135 Davison Stella Women 22:46.1
32 Pate Mary Women 28:27.0
20 Kelly Lisa Women 30:45.5
18 Matic Katherine Women 31:09.3
105 Blair Rebecca Women 32:43.1
19 Mena Lindsay Women 35:35.0
123 Hellwig Michelle Women 35:42.5
99 Woodward Cherie Women 36:49.3
82 Bassett Caitlan Women 37:23.8
104 Blair Jessica Women 40:28.7
24 Downing Bella Women 47:02.8
158 Degroot Megan Women 49:18.9
85 Reddish Heather Women 51:17.1
93 Gordon Kiron Women 56:48.0
96 Gordon Abigail Women 56:50.9
89 Gordon Chryl Women 57:44.0
21 Kelly Morgan Women DNS
43 Fehlman Karen Women DNS
83 Tutvedt Linda Women DNS
92 Gordon Chloe Women DNS
103 Isles Vickey Women DNS
140 Lieber Jillian Women DNS
142 Kessler Brooke Women DNS
143 Michel Maddee Women DNS
144 Michel Kimberley Women DNS

SBG Grappling Team Sweeps Regional Tournament


TACOMA, WA, MARCH 7, 2016 – A team of 27 adult and youth competitors from SBG returned from The Revolution tournament in Tacoma, WA this weekend with a docket full of wins.

“When we can send a force of 27 athletes and nearly all of them step onto the podium, I know our training methods are solid and improving,” said Head Coach and owner, Travis Davison. “This weekend, our team was even stronger with athletes coming together under one banner from both the Whitefish and Kalispell gyms,” he added.

Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Results (divisions by weight, rank, age)

Mackenzie Adams – 3rd
Amara Ash – 4th
Stella Davison – 1st
Ricky Davison – 1st
Joe Davison – 2nd
Gustavo DeSouza – 2nd
Bella Downing – 2nd
Sutton Keeler – 1st
Dylan Lindberg – 2nd
Luke Ryan – 4th
Colton Wieczorek – 3rd
Lakoda Wieczorek – 1st
Cayden Wieczorek – 1st
Kalijiah Wieczorek – 2nd

Youth No-Gi Grappling Results (divisions by weight, rank, age)

Stella Davison – 2nd
Ricky Davison – 2nd
Joe Davison – 2nd
Bella Downing – 2nd
Sutton Keeler – 2nd
Dylan Lindberg – 1st
Colton Wieczorek – 4th
Lakoda Wieczorek – 1st
Cayden Wieczorek – 2nd
Kalijiah Wieczorek – 4th
Cody Wehr – 3rd

Adult No-Gi Grappling (divisions by weight, rank)

Bekah Bell – 1st
Simon Doyle – 2nd
Amanda Estepp – 2nd
Rachel Sanders – 2nd
Aaron Westphal – 1st  

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (divisions by weight, rank)

Hamilton Ash – 1st
Bekah Bell – 3rd
Simon Doyle – 3rd
Amanda Estepp – 3rd
Rachel Sanders – 1st
Leah Taylor – 2nd
Aaron Westphal – 2ndRevolution

A Note From Coach Leah Taylor: “Those of you who know me and know what tournament weekends mean to me, look at this picture (below).

I am overwhelmed with happiness, pride, and awe with what we have created in Montana. The human beings on our team reflect the values that we train – persistence, loyalty, family, and good ol’ fashioned fun.

While the world was going about their business this weekend, this team of 27 competitors, with the unwavering support of their family and coaches, traveled 18 hours in two days, learned how to be better competitors, they forged deeper friendships with teammates, and they set goals for what’s next.

Viva SBG.”

Revolution Tourney


For more information about Martial Arts, Yoga, and Fitness, call 406-862-7244 in Whitefish or 406-752-7244 in Kalispell.



BILLINGS, MT, FEBRUARY 19, 2016 – Marnic Mann made her debut in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at Fusion Fight League production this weekend. The event showcased 10 MMA bouts with fighters from Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Colorado. Mann, 22, had previously been scheduled to fight in January but her opponent pulled out with an injury. Another fight was scheduled for February 5th but her opponent missed weight.

Mann and her opponent, Miranda Parsons, fought at the 115 lb. Straw Weight division. The bout lasted less than two minutes with Mann quickly dominating the match with a takedown and strikes on the ground. As Parsons regained her footing, Mann landed a left hand and Parsons turned to defend. Mann quickly jumped on Parsons back, locking in a rear-naked choke, forcing the tap out from Parsons.

“Marnic’s perseverance and dedication to training paid off tonight. The previous fights that didn’t happen made this debut victory all the sweeter,” said Head Coach Travis Davison. “We look forward to watching her continue to turn heads with every event,” he added.Marnic

L-R Marnic Mann, Referee Zach Unruh and Miranda Parsons.

Big Wins for Montana Grappling Team at Oregon Open


FullSizeRenderHILLSBORO, OR, SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2015—Straight Blast Gym (SBG) demonstrated excellent grappling technique at the Oregon Open this past Saturday.  It was an awesome show of Northwest Jiu Jitsu with more than 700 gi and no-gi competitors on the mats throughout the day.  Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell and Whitefish combined to send 20 competitors comprised of men, women and children ranging in age from 6 to 54 years old.  They banded together for a total of 36 medals (17 gold, 12 silver, and 7 bronze) and all who competed earned a medal.  The collective SBG, including teams from Portland, OR and Seattle, WA won top team for youth and junior overall, 2nd place for adult overall, 2nd place for adult no-gi and third place for adult gi.

“The Oregon Open was another ideal opportunity for our youth and adult competitors to test their skills, training and competition strategy.  The ride home was filled with enthusiasm and a renewed focus on improving for future events and we now know what things we need to work on” said Travis Davison, head coach and owner of Straight Blast Gym in Montana.

“That’s the beauty of competition.  It will always bring your strengths and weaknesses to the surface where they can be dealt with.  I look forward to leading this team forward and helping the individuals who comprise it reach their individual goals”.

Hamilton Ash – 1st in gi/3rd in no gi
Bekah Bell – 1st in gi/3rd in no gi
Joe Davison – 2nd in gi/3rd in no gi
Kisa Davison – 2nd in gi
Ricky Davison – 2nd in gi/3rd in no gi
Stella Davison – 1st in gi/1st in no gi
Gus DeSouza – 1st in gi/2nd in no gi
Jose DeSouza – 3rd in gi
Bella Downing – 1st in gi/2nd in no gi
Brock Maloney – 2nd in gi/1st in no gi
Anthony Mead – 3rd in gi
Gage Morsette – 1st in gi
Grady Robinson – 1st in gi/1st in no gi
Weston Robinson – 1st in gi/2nd in no gi
Ryan Robinson – 1st in gi
Josh Schreiner – 2nd in gi/1st in no gi
Keith Treece – 2nd in gi
Colton Wieczorek – 2nd in gi/2nd in no gi
Cayden Wieczorek – 2nd in gi/1st in no gi
Kalijah Wieczorek – 3rd in gi/1st in no gi
Lakoda Wieczorek – 1st in gi/1st in no gi

Coach Leah Taylor Takes Gold at the Atlanta Open


ATLANTA, GA, AUGUST 28TH, 2015—Straight Blast Gym of Montana sent Coach Leah Taylor to compete at the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation’s (IBJJF) Atlanta Open in Georgia.  Leah recently moved back to Kalispell to coach at SBG and pursue her dream of becoming a world champion is the only female Jiu Jitsu black belt in the state of Montana.  

The Atlanta Open was her first tournament as a black belt, but no one would have known that from her stellar performance.  Not only did she earn gold in her weight class, she also competed in the absolute division—where there are no weight restrictions—and took home another gold medal.  

What made her performance even more impressive was the way which she won.  She forced all her opponents to tap out via submission holds.  The Atlanta Open was the first of many tournaments that Leah will compete in as she prepares for the IBJJF World Championship in June 2016.  

Head Coach Travis Davison had this to say about Leah Taylor’s performance, “I believe in all of my students and have confidence in all of them, so I am very proud of Leah but not surprised by the results.  I told her when she moved back that I would do whatever I can to help her reach her goals.  It’s pretty cool when people can move to Kalispell, MT to pursue their Jiu Jitsu dream.