“Seeing my kids process information in a time of stress and execute a plan is priceless. These are real life stressors in a controlled environment where I know they are going to rely on their own abilities to execute something they may not have prepared for. Success or failure, (Northwest Submission Challenge) was an opportunity for positive growth. Making the most of each and every one of these experiences prepares my children for the future.” – Head Coach Cody Bessette, SBG Bigfork

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What if one small act could help someone:

  • Become more confident and capable
  • Conquer their fears and anxieties
  • Handle high-pressure situations
  • Cultivate camaraderie with their teammates
  • Grow stronger as an athlete.

That would make a HUGE impact on a person’s life, right?

Those are just a few of the benefits that SBG athletes gain any time they compete in an out-of-town tournament. For youth and adults, these are experiences of a lifetime.

As our tribe grows, many more athletes are stepping up to the challenge of competition. At the Northwest Submission Challenge in April, SBG had an astonishing 43 competitors representing all 4 Montana gyms on the mats.

Of course, it takes a lot of work to raise money for the Gorilla Booster Club, which covers travel and accommodation costs. Fortunately, our athletes are connected to a strong and caring tribe that supports its athletes across the globe.

Make a tax-deductible donation to the GBC today and not only do you make a difference in a person’s life but your tribe grows stronger.

Because when one member of our tribe grows stronger, our tribe is stronger.

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Photo Credit: Patrick Brooks, NerdJitsu

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