BOISE, ID, April 25, 2015 – Straight Blast Gym of Montana demonstrated excellent grappling technique at the Northwest Submission Challenge in Boise, Idaho.  The event featured men’s, women’s, and kids’ divisions in both Gi and No Gi.  The Montana competitors were proud to have earned 21 medals, including 10 gold, 5 silver, and 6 bronze.  The collective SBG, including teams from SBG locations in Seattle, Boise, Portland, and Elko, Nevada won the overall team trophy for both the Gi and No Gi Division.  SBG also took 2nd Place in the Kids Budo Cup.

“The Budo Kids Cup and Northwest Submission Challenge was another ideal opportunity for our youth and adult competitors to test their skills, training, and competition strategy. Everyone on the team performed exactly how they trained. With wins under our belt and more medals to hang in the gym, we also now know what we need to work on next, said Travis Davison, head coach and owner of Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell, Montana.  

“That’s the beauty of competition. It will always be the best and most authentic litmus test for the quality of our training. I look forward to leading this team on a continued upward trajectory,” Davison added.

Youth Gi

Joe Davison – 1st (Orange belt)

Ricky Davison – 2nd (Orange belt)

Stella Davison – 1st (Orange belt)

Sutton Keeler – 1st (Yellow belt)

Brock Maloney – 3rd (Grey belt)

Cayden Wieczorek – 3rd (Grey belt)

Colton Wieczorek – 4th (Grey belt)

Kalijah Wieczorek – 2nd (Grey belt)

Lakoda Wieczorek – 3rd (Grey belt)

Youth No Gi

Joe Davison – 1st (Advanced)

Ricky Davison – 1st (Advanced)

Stella Davison – 2nd (Advanced)

Sutton Keeler – 1st (Advanced)

Brock Maloney – 1st (Intermediate)

Cayden Wieczorek – 3rd (Intermediate)

Colton Wieczorek – 3rd (Intermediate)

Kalijah Wieczorek – 4th (Intermediate)

Lakoda Wieczorek – 1st (Intermediate)

Adult Gi

Ryan Asay – 3rd (Purple belt)

Daniel DiStefano – 2nd (Brown belt)

Dakota Tackett – 1st (Purple belt)

Angela Wieczorek – 4th (White belt)

Adult No Gi

Daniel DiStefano – 1st (Advanced)

Dakota Tackett – 2nd (Advanced)

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