DuranFlagetKALISPELL, MT, MAY 15, 2015 – Athletes from SBG Montana went 2 for 3 at Kalispell Kombat, a mixed martial arts event held at the Hilton Garden Inn and hosted by Fight Force. The gala event, which included a semi formal dress code and table service, was sold out by show time. The event included 11 bouts with athletes from Canada, North Dakota, and Montana. Duran Flaget, Ryan Asay, and Gus Nolte all represented Kalispell’s own SBG Montana.

Duran Flaget fought Missoula’s Dave Boulter and won a unanimous decision after the judges gave all three rounds to Flaget. Flaget, a Flathead High alum wrestler, had Boulter in serious trouble mid way through the second round courtesy of a well-timed head kick.

Next up for SBG was Ryan Asay who took on Helena’s Kyle Nay. The first round was back submissions and ended with Nay trapped in Asay’s triangle but he was saved by the bell. Round 2 looked a lot like round one and appeared over when Asay caught Nay in a tight arm bar, but Nay narrowly escaped and forced Asay to tap out due to a rear naked choke.

The last fight for SBG was a professional bout between Kalispell local Gus Nolte and Brandon Bailey. Nolte, a coach at SBG Montana, overwhelmed Bailey with a lead left hook that consistently landed and a series of hard leg kicks. Referee Dennis Bain saved Bailey mid-way through the first round declaring Nolte the winner by technical knock out (TKO).

“Fight Force consistently provides quality events for our local Montana athletes to compete in and value for our fight fans,” said SBG Montana Head Coach Travis Davison.  “We would have preferred to go 3-0 tonight but there is no shame in losing when you try your best. No excuses.”

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