BUTTE, MT, December 13, 2014 – SBG Montana and SBG North made a remarkable impression at the Montana Classic Grappling Tournament in Butte, MT.  The event featured mens, women’s, and kids’ divisions in both Gi and No Gi.  SBG Montana and SBG North collectively earned 36 medals, 16 of them being gold.  

“While coaching our championship Jiu Jitsu team, I was again reminded that not all martial arts instruction and coaching is equal. I urge parents to make sure that anyone coaching your child is qualified and competent to do so,” said Kisa Davison, Coach and Owner of Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell and Whitefish. 

Davison added, “As adults, our first priority is always the safety and well-being of children. As far as I’m concerned, our coaches, competitors, and families are the best examples of these values in the state of Montana.”


Youth Competitors – Gi Division

Ricky Davison – Gold
Joe Davison – Gold
Stella Davison – Gold
Adam Hussein – Gold
Dylan Lindberg – Gold
Eva Thornsberry – Bronze
Kaden Thornsberry – Bronze 
Cayden Wieczorek – Bronze
Colton Wieczorek – Bronze
Kalijah Wieczorek – Gold
Lakoda Wieczorek – Gold

Youth Competitors – No Gi Division

Ricky Davison – Silver
Joe Davison – Gold
Stella Davison – Gold
Adam Hussein – Silver
Sutton Keeler – Silver
Dylan Lindberg – Silver 
Eva Thornsberry – Silver 
Kaden Thornsberry – Bronze
Cayden Wieczorek – Silver
Colton Wieczorek – Silver
Kalijah Wieczorek – Gold 
Lakoda Wieczorek – Gold

Adult Competitors – Gi Divison

Ryan Asay – Silver
Hamilton Ash – Gold
Will Hagin – Silver
Jimmy Roth – Silver
Julia Seaward – Gold
Dakota Tackett – Gold

Adult Competitors – No Gi Division 

Ryan Asay – Bronze
Hamilton Ash – Gold
Rebekah Bell – Gold
Marcus Esmay – Silver
Dave Laing – Bronze
Jimmy Roth – Silver
Dakota Tackett – Silver

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