Gus RevTACOMA, WA, MARCH, 29 2014 – Straight Blast Gym’s competition team of youth, teen, and adult athletes was small but powerful as they made their presence known at The Revolution tournament in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling. With over 600 competitors, the 5 SBG athletes from Kalispell proved their training and competition skills to be superior, bringing home 4 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze. Straight Blast Gym’s team made a strong first showing and anticipate bringing more competitors to the upcoming Revolution Tournaments in July and November 2014.

“Our team participates in these regional tournaments to test our training and coaching methods against the best in the region. I am very proud with the results of this tournament. The competitors showed up ready to go and the coaches were on point,” said Travis Davison, head coach and owner of Straight Blast Gym in Kalispell. “We are getting into the busy part of the year for competitions. We know what we need to work on and we know the best way to train. This looks to be another very strong year for our team,” he added.

Tournament Highlights: In addition to the individual standings for coach and competitor Gus Nolte, he was awarded a trophy and cash reward for Fastest Tap in the No-Gi division for his guillotine choke.

Congratulations to all the athletes and competitors!


Men’s Purple Belt
Gus Nolte – 1st place

Men’s Advanced No-Gi Grappling
Gus Nolte – 3rd place

Teen Yellow Belt
Hunter Wellcome – 1st place

Teen Advanced No-Gi
Hunter Wellcome – 1st place

Teen White Belt
Jarrod Hurd – 2nd place

Teen Beginner No-Gi
Jarrod Hurd – 2nd place

Youth Grey Belt
Connor Venezio – 3rd place

Youth Intermediate No-Gi
Connor Venezio – 2nd place

Men’s Beginner No-Gi
Josh Dustinhoff – 1st place