TACOMA, WA, MARCH 7, 2016 – A team of 27 adult and youth competitors from SBG returned from The Revolution tournament in Tacoma, WA this weekend with a docket full of wins.

“When we can send a force of 27 athletes and nearly all of them step onto the podium, I know our training methods are solid and improving,” said Head Coach and owner, Travis Davison. “This weekend, our team was even stronger with athletes coming together under one banner from both the Whitefish and Kalispell gyms,” he added.

Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Results (divisions by weight, rank, age)

Mackenzie Adams – 3rd
Amara Ash – 4th
Stella Davison – 1st
Ricky Davison – 1st
Joe Davison – 2nd
Gustavo DeSouza – 2nd
Bella Downing – 2nd
Sutton Keeler – 1st
Dylan Lindberg – 2nd
Luke Ryan – 4th
Colton Wieczorek – 3rd
Lakoda Wieczorek – 1st
Cayden Wieczorek – 1st
Kalijiah Wieczorek – 2nd

Youth No-Gi Grappling Results (divisions by weight, rank, age)

Stella Davison – 2nd
Ricky Davison – 2nd
Joe Davison – 2nd
Bella Downing – 2nd
Sutton Keeler – 2nd
Dylan Lindberg – 1st
Colton Wieczorek – 4th
Lakoda Wieczorek – 1st
Cayden Wieczorek – 2nd
Kalijiah Wieczorek – 4th
Cody Wehr – 3rd

Adult No-Gi Grappling (divisions by weight, rank)

Bekah Bell – 1st
Simon Doyle – 2nd
Amanda Estepp – 2nd
Rachel Sanders – 2nd
Aaron Westphal – 1st  

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (divisions by weight, rank)

Hamilton Ash – 1st
Bekah Bell – 3rd
Simon Doyle – 3rd
Amanda Estepp – 3rd
Rachel Sanders – 1st
Leah Taylor – 2nd
Aaron Westphal – 2ndRevolution

A Note From Coach Leah Taylor: “Those of you who know me and know what tournament weekends mean to me, look at this picture (below).

I am overwhelmed with happiness, pride, and awe with what we have created in Montana. The human beings on our team reflect the values that we train – persistence, loyalty, family, and good ol’ fashioned fun.

While the world was going about their business this weekend, this team of 27 competitors, with the unwavering support of their family and coaches, traveled 18 hours in two days, learned how to be better competitors, they forged deeper friendships with teammates, and they set goals for what’s next.

Viva SBG.”

Revolution Tourney


For more information about Martial Arts, Yoga, and Fitness, call 406-862-7244 in Whitefish or 406-752-7244 in Kalispell.

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