Gorilla Cup Tournament This Saturday, Feb 8th


Twice annually, the Gorilla Booster Club hosts an inter-gym grappling tournament called The Gorilla Cup. Kids and adults who are experienced in competition look forward to this event as an opportunity to test their skills in grappling in a safe, friendly environment. Parents frequently ask us whether or not we think their child should compete. Our answer is always the same, “Do they want to compete?”

Some kids are ready to rumble right out of the gate. Others are shy about sparring in class after two years of training. Everybody is different and everyone trains differently. Opening the conversation with your child about competition is a useful step in exploring how they feel about competition, success, and failure – on and off the mats. Kids learn best through physical experiences. With proper guidance and support, your child can learn to manage performance anxiety in grappling competition and take those lessons off the mat into day-to-day life.

For the less eager kids, the Gorilla Cup is a prime opportunity to pitch in and support their teammates. Volunteer opportunities afford non-competing members and family the chance to both see how it all works and pitch in to make the event a success all around.

All of the coaches are happy to talk with you further about your child and the prospect of competing in the Gorilla Cup or any other tournament. It is our goal to support you in raising happy, helpful human beings. We are here for your support!

For more information on volunteering or competing, contact Coach Erin ASAP.

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